Thursday, 5 July 2012

New York City vs London: by an American and a Brit

I visited my friend in New York City at the weekend, I was complaining about certain things that didn't work so well here compared to my home City of London. Well, then she started complaining about London.

So we decided to write a list - Who is BEST at what?


Polite and friendly - NYC wins.
Whether walking down the street with a map upside down or looking aimlessly around a Subway station, New Yorkans will offer help and a conversation. We both agreed that most Londoners will ignore you, largely because of the begging culture.

Currency value -New York

Ok, this is a bit selfish, but money in New York does seem to go further, especially with the British pound.

Dollars cs notes - London
We prefer the colourful notes of London, but I like the pound and my friend who is a waitress prefers the One Dollar note. But really, why need such a huge wallet?

Cash vs card - Londn
It seems people mostly pay by cash, I hate cash, and they have NO chip'n'Pin. Isn't signing so old school now?

Smoking - London
NYC has segregated zones outside, yes even outside, especially bars and restaurants. I bet London follows soon, but still more freedom in the UK.

Subway/underground - London
Proper maps, easy to read signs, frequent announcements, train times, staff on the platform - that's London, remove all that for NYC.

Food value -NYC
You definitely get a lot for your money. Though I am unsure how healthy some of the portions are

Food health - London/ NYC

Maybe it's because I know what I am eating. My friend disagreed!

Drink value - NYC
It's all about the free-pour, and cocktails

Talking bars - London
Try finding bars and pubs where you can talk in, NYC you'll find few and far between. All hail the London Pub.

Bars - NYC
Want somewhere chic and cool...head to the NYC

Gay Bar proximity - London
So I like my Soho and Vauxhall Village, and Shoreditch, but apart from West Village, I feel I am wandering aimlessly for bars in NYC

Taxi -NYC

Cheaper - it is simply cheaper! Oh and quicker, no traffic.

City Views - London
The River Thames offers spectaclar views and the different shape buildings of the city add to its uniqueness. NYC is all a bit samey.

Fit guys - NYC/ London
I am sure NYC wins, my friend reckons London.

Diverse dress sense - London

NYC plays it all a little safe, and my friend agrees

Coffee - London

Buy one cup of decent coffee, not countless refills of cheap coffee - NO THANKS

Newark airport vs Heathrow Terminal 5 - London
This was a tough one, but right now Terminal 5 wins, though on my way out I didn't like the new terminal.

Queues/lines - London
London knows how to queue properly.

If you have more to add, or disagree with any of the both, I would love to hear from you.